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Money is changing, and so is your wallet.
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We aim to ship 10,000 units for the 2018 Holiday Season. Challenges ahead include:

  • Design Validation

    DVT production processes &
    line production procedures

  • Production Validation

    PVT for manufacturing &
    mass production

  • Certifications

    FCC, CE, CCC, EMVCo certifications to ship product

  • Protocol Integration

    Unlocking cryptocurrency protocols for payments


A brief synopsis

  • The ilmatic mission is to empower people with more freedom.

    ilmatic is an integrated system designed specifically to enable true cryptocurrency trade in the real world. It includes two key parts: (1) a smart, wearable hardware wallet and (2) a decentralized blockchain virtual currency. Together, these components address one of the most critical challenges around the usability of virtual currencies - the ability to spend it. In this whitepaper, we explain our solution to the main problem, address associated problems, and share our plans to launch a first-of-its-kind cryptocurrency payments integrated system.

  • This endeavor can be seen technically as a fully integrated cryptocurrency payments solution, and strategically as a new hybrid model for creating viable blockchain projects.

    In the brief history of blockchain technology, we have seen many software applications for virtual currency usage and several hardware devices for secure cryptocurrency storage. However, we are yet to see any innovative solutions that integrate both software and hardware to create new value and unlock new user experiences in this space.

    Signals that point to demand for true virtual currency trade in the real world include...

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