The future of cryptocurrency as everyday money


Money has changed forms throughout history, and a shift to digital currency is inevitable. Bitcoin and other early cryptocurrencies are critical to the blockchain industry today, but we see no reason why others protocols may not emerge in this space.

Competition is good for people as the end users, and we believe an ecosystem full of protocols will allow every individual citizen to choose the one that is right for him or her. We have just scratched the surface of possibilities, so it is exciting to imagine what features and benefits might be created in the next generation of protocols.

Ultimately, to unlock the promises of cryptocurrency as real money, we must have the ability to use it in everyday commerce.

Once we give people the tools and experiences, then we will see the democratization of cryptocurrency and the benefits of blockchain reach society at scale.

The future of cryptocurrency as everyday money is only as far down the timeline as we place it. Some have estimated that crypto commerce comes at the end of infrastructure development and is many years away. At ilmatic, we believe the future is now, and we are building the tools to make crypto commerce a reality, not just in terms of years, but also in months, weeks, and days.