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    We are makers & misfits working at the intersection of the arts and sciences. We believe in good design. We dig deep to discover how our products should look, feel, and work, and how they can best serve people. We believe that your individual experience determines the greatness of our products. We believe that the best companies do not build for fast profit, but for a better future. We know that innovation is hard work, but that the results have the power to change the world. We focus on a change that serves the greater good. Will you join us on this journey?



"People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware."
- Alan Kay

  • Danny D. Tamez

    Danny Tamez

    Founder / Designer / CEO

  • carlos_rovira_borras

    Carlos Rovira Borràs

    Cofounder / Hardware / EE

  • Jackson Keating

    Jackson Keating

    Firmware Engineer

  • Jessica Campbell

    Jessica Campbell

    Electrical Engineer

  • Video Thumbnail

    Daniel Trostli

    Software Engineer

  • Nicolas Huntington

    Nicolas Huntington

    Mechanical Engineer

  • Ethan Hess

    Ethan Hess

    Mobile Developer

  • Adam Hickerson

    Adam Hickerson

    Hardware Engineer

Other contributers: Manu Srinivasan, Sean Zhu, Phil Wilson, Bersen Pajaziti, Tommy Bisi, Jennifer Tamez, Akane Shiba,
James "Jay" Day, Kaitlin Olson, Moonisha Dhamotharan, Stephanie Phan, Alberto Gonzalez, William Johnson

Blockchain-based market networks will replace existing networks. Slowly, then suddenly.
In one thing, then in many things.

Naval Ravikant
Venture Hacker & Investor