ilmatic blockchain wrist wallet
  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to foster open development and usability of digital assets as money.

    We do this by making the greatest wallet on the planet - a wearable wrist wallet that delivers three key features: security, control, and usability. Now, you are ready for the money of the future.

    We advocate for blockchain, more open financial systems, and more free societies. Thank you for being part of the ilmatic community. #JoinTheRevolution

  • ilmatic wallet

    A hardware wallet designed for you to secure, carry, & pay with digital money.

    • lock_outline

      Pay with Crypto

      Make true crypto payments in real life

    • payment

      Pay with Credit

      Digitize your credit card to tap & pay

    • vpn_key

      Control Your Keys

      Full custody & control of your private keys

    • attach_money

      Experience Freedom

      Get the future of money on your wrist

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