Please read first. Additional questions can be posted to Telegram or Twitter.

What currencies does the ilmatic wallet support?

You can decide by becoming an ilmatic Founding Member - each member will get a vote. We aim to support currencies that are ready for fast and inexpensive transactions in real world commerce.

Can I pay for my Reservation, Membership, or Wallet with cryptocurrency?

We are using Shopify to process Reservations, and they do not currently support cryptocurrency transactions. However, if you want to pay with crypto please email us at 'm at ilmatic dot com'. Be sure to use an email account where we can contact you and tell us which of the following currencies you would like to pay with: BTC, BCH, ETH.

What is the full cost of a Founding Membership and/or ilmatic wallet?

MSRP of the ilmatic wallet is $275 USD. Founding Membership includes the ilmatic wallet, plus additional perks, and also costs $275 USD. Founding Members may receive special deals, but we can not guarantee any discounts at this time.

How many colors are available? When can I choose my style?

We are currently offering the ilmatic wallet in three colorways - natural, brown, and black. The enclosure is made from machined metal, and the wrist strap is made from top grain leather from Italy or the USA. You can choose your style when you make your final purchase.

What is MIL? Do you plan to create your own cryptocurrency?

Yes, we are working on an ilmatic cryptocurrency protocol called MIL. It is designed to work with your ilmatic wallet for real world cryptocurrency commerce. These are the only details that we can release at this time.

Do you have a whitepaper?

Yes, we do have a whitepaper. It will be released to the public at a later date.

Are you planning an ICO?

Yes, we are planning an ICO that will adhere to SEC regulations within the USA.

Thank you for your interest in ilmatic! Additional questions can be posted to Telegram or Twitter.