ilmatic blockchain wrist wallet
  • We design, engineer, & make your personal blockchain bank.

    We design, engineer, & make
    your personal blockchain bank.

    Americans lose tens of billions of dollars every year buying goods & services with plastic cards.
    ilmatic is a payments system that uses blockchain to put that money back into your pockets.

  • ilmatic PRO

    Professional-grade cryptographic security packed into a simple watch experience.

    • accessibility_new

      Easy for Everyone

      Easiest, fastest crypto device on the planet.

    • nfc

      Pay by NFC

      The best user experience for buyers & sellers.

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      Smart & Safe

      High-level security built into every single step.

    • vpn_key

      Be the Bank

      Full custody of your keys & control of your data.

Get Paid on Blockchain

Get Paid on Blockchain

Anyone, anywhere can accept cryptocurrency with the ilmatic Sell App.
Get the app, stop paying high fees, & start making more money.

  • Join the Adventure

    Our mission is to empower individuals, society, and culture through the freedom of programmable money.

    We believe that there is enough money and abundance for every human being on Earth. While our current systems have served us well, it is time again to look forward, explore new frontiers, and build towards a better future.

    One critical part of the system that is due for an upgrade is our money. Most of us only know money as government coins and paper bills, and it is hard for us to imagine it being anything else. In reality, people can create new forms of money by giving value to any standard item. Our forefathers did this with many things, from salt and livestock to silver and gold.

    A decade ago, on the edges of the internet, people created a peer-to-peer electronic cash system called Bitcoin. Somewhere along the way, that idea found its way to you, and now you have found your way to ilmatic. We are building software & hardware mechanisms so anyone, anywhere can trade cryptocurrency by hand to another intelligent individual.

    We are protocol agnostic and support numerous blockchains. We build solutions with expert level security, plus beginner level usability, so everyone can safely & easily participate in the future of money.

    Learn more and stay in touch with ilmatic by subscribing today.